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Uranäs 1
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raw, vegan, organic

Herb Hero is a premium brand for organic superfoods; Moringa, Turmeric, and Coconut oil.

We are raw, vegan, organic, and we control our products from plant to product.

Coconut oil 380ml

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We are organic, vegan and raw. That means that we do as little as possible to the plants we are using so that all the good stuff remain, from plant to product. It also means that the ingredients we use need to be the best, and they are. We source all our products personally and we have found that some of the best quality and most natural farms in the world can be found in Thailand. The farmers produce things so natural that organic-certification has never been necessary. They never did it the non-organic way. 

We work with carefully selected farms, most of which are family owned and operated, that share our vision of organic farming and sustainability. They are true heroes.


Coconut oil 380ml


Coconut oil 380ml

  • Organically produced by local farmers in Thailand 
  • Optimal natural energy booster
  • Contains high amounts of MCTs and lauric acid
  • Outstanding alternative to other fats
  • A teaspoon at breakfast gets your metabolism going
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The optimal source when you need a quick energy boost, packed with fatty
acids – the good ones. One of the most versatile products we know of with
multiple health benefits. It can be used in everything from cooking and
baking to treating dry skin and hair.

From local farmers in the southern provinces Prachuap Khiri Khan and Surat Thani in
Thailand. These farms make the best coconut oil we’ve ever tasted and they share our
vision of producing top quality organic products for better health and a better life.

The coconut meat is removed by using a dryer at 60°C, then we use a
cold pressing technique that gives the most nutritious, best tasting oil
that has a long shelf-life. Nothing more, nothing less.

The Herb is the Hero.

Nutrition value per 100g
Energy 802 kcal
Fats 87 g of which saturates 80 g
Carbohydrates 3 g of which sugars 0 g
Protein 0g

Recommended daily dosage: 1 tbsp

Should not replace a balanced and varied diet.
Keep in a dry place.

Net volume 380 ml

Hottest in the health world right now. Herb Hero - a new company with the goal of delivering the world’s best superfood.
Superfood for super people, and heroes. Last out on the Swedish market is Herb Hero, whose superfood products are based on fresh ingredients from local farmers in Thailand. The products Moringa, Turmeric and Coconut oil are both vegan and organic.
I use Herb Hero because they ensure that the entire production is ok from start to sales. One of the best super powders around now.